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Liquid Fertiliser Applicators

BFS manufacture three types of liquid fertiliser applicators, two in the shape of a bar, the other a three-hole nozzle. The bar shaped applicators are both capable of application rates between 80lph to 800lph; the difference between the two is that the AutoStreamer makes the adjustments automatically whereas the dribble bar has a metering wheel that requires turning.

The three hole nozzle called Trident is a variable rate liquid applicator that has a unique, internal, auto-adjusting valve, which eliminates frequent nozzle changes and applies a wide variation of fertiliser volume rates, even at low pressures.

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AutoStreamer  - Agrifac fitting
AutoStreamer - Agrifac fitting
AutoStreamer  Caps - Agrifac Fitting
AutoStreamer Caps - Agrifac Fitting
AutoStreamer - Hardi Fitting
AutoStreamer Caps - Hardi Fitting
Auto Streamer - Caps
AutoStreamer Replacement Parts
AutoStreamer Replacement Parts
EZFIT 3 - US Bayonet Fitting
Dribble Bars

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